How to get better as a developer/programmer

Published Jul 28, 2023
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My checkbox towards becoming a better developer/programmer

  • Don't get too comfortable: Whether it’s with a language, framework, or any other technology, try not to get too comfortable by either finding more information to get better using the tech or considering something new.
  • Learn the basics: Once you understand the basics i.e how your language work under the hood, using any framework or library based on it becomes easier, for example learning the basics of Javascript will help you with using its frameworks like Vue, React, Angular e.t.c. and understanding core HTTP request-response cycle helps a long way using any backend technology.
  • Take a break but with caution: We are not clocks, learn to take a break every now and then to regenerate and avoid stress, would advise though that it's not too long, so you don't have to relearn a lot when you return.
  • Share your knowledge: As much as possible whenever you have the opportunity to, share what you know it helps a long way to have a better understanding.